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I ROAM ALONE : A Solo Female Traveler

O, my friend sent me I ROAM ALONE website and above video of Mint (Sorry, it’s Thai.). Mint is twenty something women who really love traveling. She have visited 6 continents or 50 countries around the world by traveling alone. That make me so excited!

I never thought that woman could travel alone. I always think it too dangerous for women to travel alone. There are a lot of crime and danger out there. Mint is second women I know that is solo female traveler. The first person I know is Brazilian woman I met at Pai, Mae Hong Son. She took 3 months to traveling alone in South East Asia.

So maybe it’s not that bad. It need BRAVE and PREPARING. It’s something we should try once in our life.


Inspiration & Thought

You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

I love this video so much. This video is part of Dove campaign which was produced by Ogivy & Mother ads agency. Group of women describe appearance of themselves to a criminal sketch artist who can not see these women. Then, They was described by strangers that met them which the sketch showed more beautiful and happier.

I agree with this video. Women is always think they is not good enough. Not only about beauty but good and brave too.