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Celebration and intention

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September celebrations, October intentions


September Celebration

  1. Enjoy Phuket trips without social media. Okay, it’s not entirely without social media. I count it anyway!
  2. Take Create Your Dream Career online course with Michelle WardI took live class while I was in Phuket but still need to retake again because it’s 3AM and I need to sleep.
  3. Retake Summer Sketch course by  Alisa Burke 
  4. Read “Remote” book. Very good and inspiring book.
  5. Finish Life in pocket for July

October Intention

  1. Write journal everyday
  2. Finish “Live Off Your Passion” e-course. Now I’m in module 3 from 10. I’m not even sure I could finish it because most activities need a lot of thinking and quiet time to think.
  3. Read “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” book
  4. Do more craft.


My Life

August celebration, September intention

August celebration

  1. I draw a lot! I learned that you have to make time to create habit of something.
  2. Got a new desk from Ikea. It’s a bit over budget but I still be able to handle it. Thanks to 6 jars system.
  3. Added couple of new products for my Society6 shop
  4. Updated my portfolio but have not finished
  5. Write postcard to my friend (at least one person)
  6. Created facebook page for Catisfy
  7. Make another Fauxdori
  8. Booked hotels for trips to Phuket
  9. Workout every week
  10. Finished reading and working on Effective Escape

September intention

  1. Enjoy Phuket trip without social media
  2. Take Create Your Dream Career online course with Michelle Ward
  3. Retake Summer Sketch course by  Alisa Burke
  4. Read “Remote” book
  5. Finish Life in pocket for July

I reduce my goals from 10 to 5 since I learned from last month that 10 intention a month can be overwhelmed. Most of my intentions are big project that need time and focus to finish them too.




My Life

July celebration, August intention

I hope it is not too late for celebrate last month and talking about this month intention.

July celebration

  1. Finished Life in Pocket spread for May
  2. Got a lot of new craft supplies
  3. Finished reading Show Your Work
  4. Do Morning pages everyday for a month. Someday I wrote only one page but I counted it anyway!
  5. 3 Artist’s dates. First time I went to coffee shop near my house . The second time I planned to go to park near my house but I ended up at another coffee shop because it’s rain when I arrived the park. The third date is my favourite, I went to JJ market, a big weekend market in Bangkok and I met an artist that inspire me to draw a lot and taught me to redraw when I made mistake.
  6. Painted Bravebot on my bag
  7. Do at least 10 art journal pages
  8. Decorate my notebook with DIY stamp
  9. Make notebook to use in August
  10. Started writing on this blog again since haven’t update for months

August intention

  1. Draw something everyday
  2. Get a new desk
  3. Update new product for my Society6 shop
  4. Update my portfolio
  5. Write postcard to my friend (at least one person)
  6. Create facebook page for Catisfy
  7. Make another Fauxdori
  8. Preparing for Phuket trips next month (Hotel needed!)
  9. Workout at least 2 days a week
  10. Read Effective Escape I bought long time ago