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Project 2 of #100DIYprojects : Magnetic bookmark

#100DIYProjects is my challenge to create something for 100 projects in a year. You can follow my progress here on the blog or on Instagram #100DIYprojects.

As I mentioned on Craftspace Weekend post last week that I’m going to challenge myself to do 100 DIY projects in a year. The key cover I post last week is the 1st project I have done. For the 2nd project, I try not to pressure myself too much. I think, in order to finish this challenge on time, I need to let go perfection and do more work.

The magnetic bookmark come with Zequenz notebook. It’s full of text and not pretty at all. The easiest and cheapest is decorate the magnetic with Washi tape.

Project 2 of #100DIYprojects : Magnetic bookmark


I mask it with white masking tape first so texts and black color from bookmark will not show up after I use Washi tape. Then decorate it with Washi tape and trim the bookmark.

Project 2 of #100DIYprojects : Magnetic bookmark


After finished this bookmark, I got a lot of ideas to play more with this bookmark. I will share you more when I’ve done it.

I now feel more confident about this challenge when I finish 2 projects of this challenge. Although it’s only 2 steps I’ve done, it give me big picture of what I can do it. I’m thrilled to reach this goal and play along with this journey.


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Craftspace Weekend : Week 39

In case you’re new here, Craftspace Weekend is a blog series I share what I have made on my weekend or how is my creative space. Since I usually work on my creative project on my weekend so I call it “Craftspace Weekend”. I have started Craftspace Weekend since april but I have not updated on English blog much. You can check out the past Craftspace Weekend in Thai here.

This week I was frustrated by my key that made scratches all over stuff in my purse especially my glasses. So I decided to sew a key cover from fabric I have left. It took only 15 minutes to make which is a bit surprise me because I was trying to make once but never finished it. I think creating drawing habit teach me to let go of perfection help me focus more on getting it done.

Craftspace Weekend : Week 39

Craftspace Weekend : Week 39

I love and inspired by goal setting. I set a daily goal, weekly goal, yearly goal and whatever goal I could think of. However, I didn’t achieve every goal especially a big goal. Last couple years, I read books and blogs about goal settings. And I found that goal that I set should be a goal that truly important to me. Many times I set goal that I think it’s good because someone say so but it’s not what I actually care about.

Last week I watched Chris Guillebeau’s interview about his book “The Happiness of pursuit” story of quest and this interview inspire me to set a big goal again. This time will be a goal that I totally care about. As I always blog and reading about DIY and craft so I think my big goal should be somethings related to this. I kept that thought with me for a week to test if I still excited about it.

Then I saw Sabine’s post about her #365craftingtime challenge to create something every day for a year. I love this idea so much but I know from my experience creating habit of creating or drawing something everyday is very pressure for me especially when I spend 9 hours for my day job, 2 hours in traffic and also keeping habit of sketching a day. So I decide to make 100 DIY projects in a year. That means I don’t have to do one project in a day and I would focus more on 100 projects which I think it’s less pressure for me.

I will document them on my blog and my instagram with #100DIYprojects.

And yes, this key cover is counted as first DIY projects.