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September celebrations, October intentions


September Celebration

  1. Enjoy Phuket trips without social media. Okay, it’s not entirely without social media. I count it anyway!
  2. Take Create Your Dream Career online course with Michelle WardI took live class while I was in Phuket but still need to retake again because it’s 3AM and I need to sleep.
  3. Retake Summer Sketch course by  Alisa Burke 
  4. Read “Remote” book. Very good and inspiring book.
  5. Finish Life in pocket for July

October Intention

  1. Write journal everyday
  2. Finish “Live Off Your Passion” e-course. Now I’m in module 3 from 10. I’m not even sure I could finish it because most activities need a lot of thinking and quiet time to think.
  3. Read “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” book
  4. Do more craft.


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