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Review year 2014 with Project Life

At the end of year, I always review my year to see what happen with me and what I should do better. This year I created Project Life album so I think it would be good if I review my year with Project Life as last page of Project Life.

So I created Best moments Journal Cards to write what’s happen in each month last year. You can check out the “Best Moments Journal cards” here.
Year in review with Best Memories journal card from Catisfy




I changed job this year to smaller but happier company. I still work as User Experience Designer but the client and working style from both company is very different. I need to improve a lot of soft skills and also English skill since we work with foreigners.

However, I stop taking freelance jobs because I want to concentrate on project I want to do.



On 2013, I have “Just Do It” as one of my theme. I created a lot of new projects. Here’s some of them:

  • Project Life. It’s the project that I enjoy the most. Project Life help me record my life in creative way and allow me to stay away from computer.
  • Catisfy is digital files shop. I created printable sets of Journal cards for pocket scrapbooking and Project Life. Now I have only 15 sets but I plan to create more products for next year. You can check out here and sign up for newsletter to get FREE journal cards here.
  • Handmade Biz Blog and Community in Thai. I started writing about selling on Etsy since my friend asked me a lot of question and found that a lot of friends would like to sell on Etsy but never did because they think it’s hard and not much information in Thai. In one year, I helped many sell and set up their shop. I glad I started writing. I’m so happy when I see they happy when they got sell.


Not really good. I can save only 20% of all income because I spend a lot of money on camera, Macbook Pro and also 9 trips around Thailand. It’s so hard to say NO to travel!


I’m getting worse from office syndrome because I haven’t workout much. I guess I sit incorrectly, so when most of works and project required me to spend time in front of computer, I will get back and arm pain. However, I’m working on practicing how to sit correctly.

Self Improvement

I think I keep doing  better. I’m more confident and be myself. I also know better what I like, what I want to do and what kind of person I be. I do a lot of research about myself. I take a lot of personality test. I learnt to responsible for my own life which I just realised it’s so important thing to know that I’m only one who have ownership of my life


I travelled 9 times on 2013 in 8 different places included Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Nakhon Rachasima, Chiangmai, Chiangrai, Koh Kood, Pattaya, Huahin, Koh Payam. I wish I could travel a lot like this every year. However, I think I need to slow down my trips on 2014 to save more money for bigger trip and also my retirement fund.

This is all about my life in 2013. Hope to get better on next year.


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