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Project Life : May

I did a lot of new things on this month. I’m working on new job which need to use English a lot and I have to understand the main project that I’m working on so it’s kind of pain on that time. Fortunately, I got very good friends who helped me get through it. I got less time to do Project Life so I decide to go with only one page per week.

Week 19

This week is another special week because it’s @Dominixz ‘s week. I gave him a alphabet book which is his name on it. The best thing is he love it! I put photo of it on bottom of page. We didn’t celebrate much on his birthday because he want to give himself time. However, We have a great dinner at Italian Jobs but we have not took much photo of us.

Another thing I’m really happy with is compliment that I got when I doodle a cute cat on Instagram, TalkStephen. It’s so good when someone see your work and they love it!

Project Life : May


Week 20

It have been a month after my birthday I created 27 things to do before 27 list. I have done 7 things on list, I wrote it down on journal card to track them. I got too much photos this week, so I choose only photo I love, photo of sky I took on beautiful day and new dish and cupcake I try.

I wake up around 6-7 am lately. It’s earlier than usual. I can spend more time to read book but I don’t get enough time to sleep. I love and hate it in same time so I wrote about it on journal card too.

Project Life : May


Week 21

Sorry with my tired face. I haven’t run for almost half year. As I mentioned, I woke up early and one day I don’t know what to do so I run in park nearby my house. It’s so fun and so tired.

On middle row of page, I put photo of chair color I bought for me and my dad with little detail in journal card. I also wrote about a dog that run to me and hug me on the same card. The last photo of this row is my favorite donut, the Alien from Big Apple that just got back from renovate

The last row is all about see Iron3 at Blue Ribbon Cinema that located in Paragon mall which is really expensive but I think it worth to try once. When you will get some snack and a drink then they have back and shoulder massage 15 minutes. A women who massaged me is not good but my boyfriend got really good one.

Project Life : May

Week 22

Got chairs! Hooray! I journal a lot this week because I carry journal card with me and I got time to write. I wrote about meeting with colleague from company I worked at Mexican restaurant, we talked about how things goes. I can feel that I made really good decision to leave there. Anyway, it’s good to meet old friends 🙂

I wrote journal card about how Iroamalone girl inspire me and what I think about TED talk I watched about 20 somethings from Meg Jay. I also wrote about I Choose online workshop from Elise Blaha, a creative blogger I really love.

Project Life : May


[blockquote] Project Life is a memory keeping system to document our life created by Becky Higgins. The core product I used in my album are available here. I use photos, text and stuff to document our life weekly. View all my posts about Project Life here.[/blockquote]



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