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Project Life : June

I’m going to share Project Life on June to you. This month I got more journal cards than photos. It’s been almost half year I do Project Life, I was creating system that would help me finish Project Life faster. I practice writing journal by keeping journal cards and pen with me all the time so I could include them into my album. No time wasting and forgetting any events when making spread.

Week 23

What happen this week: I was sketching wireframes for this blog but had not use because I found WordPress theme I like. I met my lovely teammate from first company I worked for we had a great moment together. P’Nok gave me a little lovely wallet she bought from Hong Kong. I listened TED a lot in this week. I love Keeping goal to yourself speaking by Derek Siversso much. When you talk about your goal you will trick yourselves into feeling like you’ve done it. It also let negative opinion from other to hold you from doing it.

Technique I use : This week I ran out of card so I wrote on post-it instead and simply included them in album. I included doodled quote I like from TED talk and wireframe I sketch for this website.


Project Life : Week 23


Week 24

What happen this week : Rain is come, a little bit late than usual. We have a partner from Sweden in our office today, they invited us to join a party. We have fun playing bowling and eating Korean food. On weekend, I and Dome went to Silom to eat burger then we went to sport shop where I bought yoga pants.

Technique I use : I change raining photo to black-white since I got low quality photos. I use yellow circle sticker attach on orange card as a pattern of paper.

Project Life : Week 24

Week 25

What happen this week : O got back from England trip in the morning and took his bag to office, so I gave a try to carry 13 kilogram of backpack bags. Almost fall over! Really heavy.

Technique I use : Nothing special, just include more journal card since I have low photos

Project Life : Week 25


Week 26

What happen this week : We went to pet fair this week and saw owls for first time. I like them so much. Ton helped me to install new rom for my android phone, so I don’t have to wait 5 minutes to make a call. Yes!

Technique I use : I mostly use stash I got from P’Golf. Thanks her to give me this Seafoam edition that I want to buy for long time.

Project Life : Week 26


[blockquote] Project Life is a memory keeping system to document our life created by Becky Higgins. The core product I used in my album are available here. I use photos, text and stuff to document our life weekly. View all my posts about Project Life here.[/blockquote]


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