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Lesson Learnt from Project Life

My Project Life album is now only 2 weeks left to finish. I’m so excited to finish my album.  I love looking back through the albums. It’s like I’m in that moment again. It’s reminder of joy, happiness or even a bad time. It’s just awesome!  However, I learned couple of things from a year with Project Life.

  • Be myself. Sometimes when I saw other’s Project Life album, I wish I could make my album like that. But that’s not my life. The stories and photos in this album is my life. I don’t have to be like others, I just need to be me to make my album beautiful as the way I am.
  • Your life is not that boring. When I started my album, I wonder what to include in my album. It’s nothing interesting. But I found that my life is not that boring even in the day I did nothing, I still have something to tell in my album. Actually, I got too many photos and stories to include. I think my life have more fun than the year I haven’t do Project Life.
  • Create my system. About half year after I do Project Life, I realised that life is not all about Project Life. I need to spend less time on Project Life and more time living my life. I create a system that would help me finish my album. I write journal everyday on journal cards, so I could put those cards to Project Life album and don’t have write it again. I also use the same page protector design, so I could print photo in the same size and not spend too much time on preparing photos to print.
  • It could be daily, weekly, monthly or event based. I started Project Life album by follow others’ rule by doing Project Life as weekly spread. I also use title card with number of week which I never understand why. I never remember which week I’m in now. So I will get rid of that in this year. I will make it as monthly basis instead.
  • Set time for Project Life. This is the important one. I usually work on Project Life on Sunday of every 2 weeks. I think it’s help me a lot to finish my Project Life spread. However, life is not always as you planned but that’s OK. Just try to stick to the scheduled time. 
  • Enjoy living life. You will have more stories for your album!

Now it your turn, what did you learn from Project Life?

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