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Craftspace Weekend : Week 33

In case you’re new here, Craftspace Weekend is a blog series I share what I have made on my weekend or how is my creative space. Since I usually work on my creative project on my weekend so I call it “Craftspace Weekend”. I have started Craftspace Weekend since april but I have not updated on English blog much.You can check out the past Craftspace Weekend in Thai here.

This month I’ve started “Drawing a day” to build habit of drawing everyday. I’m so happy that I can keep doing this project for almost two weeks now. I’ll write more about this project later.

Craftspace Weekend : week33

It’s a long weekend here in Thailand because August 12 is Mother’s day. Most company including my company closed on August 11 too. That made 4-day long for holiday. I didn’t have any plan until Friday night. I draw 4 box on my notebook for each day to list all I have or want to do. It become a long list than I think but I still be able to manage to do most of them.

Craftspace Weekend : week33

At first, my plan on Saturday is to learn how to cook at Dome’s apartment but I have to go to bank and Dome need to buy kitchen ware for his apartment. So we decide to go to department store first then go back to his apartment. And we cook for first time ever. We did cheese toast, chicken steak and chicken fried. Then we watch “The pursuit of happiness” and “The bucket list” while we ate our delicious food. I enjoy today so much although we was so tried  since we need to clean up apartment too!

When I got back home, I found a very happy mail from Elise was arrived. She packed her postcards nicely. Her postcards are so amazing like her. Next time I will order 2 packs so I can keep one for myself and another for sending to my friend.

Craftspace Weekend : week33

On Sunday, I spent most time making Fauxdori, the Midori traveller’s notebook style. It’s fun to design and improve what you actually use. I’ll share you about Fauxdori I made later. You will see changes on every notebook.

Craftspace Weekend : week33

My intention on Monday is to go to a park and spend time on bookstore in the afternoon for my Artist’s date. But I need to see Dome to get new keyboard so I changed plan by spending less time in both place

Craftspace Weekend : week33

I sketched landscape for first time. I drew landscape a lot when I was in art school but I was terrible at it. I always got C from my landscape drawing. I never have confident to draw it again until I finished my sketch this time. I have fun sketching it and want to do more.

So when I met Dome, we went to have a foot massage. I sketched a women do massage for me too.

Craftspace Weekend : week33

I went to bookstore and spent couple of hours. Since I have a rule not to buy any book before I read all books I have, I took photos of them and saved it to my wish list. 1000 Artist Journal Pages is the first book I will buy.

Craftspace Weekend : week33
So how was your weekend?



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