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Life in Pocket

Life in Pocket : May

As I mention that I have not updated this English blog for awhile including my scrapbook spread too. This year I call my album “Life in Pocket” because I document most of my life story in this album. I would like start from May spreads.

This year I decide to document my story on monthly basis. I use Photo Pocket Pages Design I as cover page of each month. Each month I will put one of my favorite photo as background of that month calendar from Erika Eagle and one of my photo on my cover page because I’m not usually take a lot of photos. I think it’s fun when you see how you grown up each month from your photos.

This month I choose photo of halosun and photo of me trying to make angry face (as my boyfriend challenged me to do and it turn out very funny!)

Life in Pocket : May

I order my photo by story start at creative journey like art journal, planner I decorated, minibook I working on, and Life in Pocket spread.

Life in Pocket : May

I start May with inspiring and meaningful book the Promise of a Pencil. This book encourage me to go out of my comfort zone and took part-time job as art teacher.

Life in Pocket : May

This month I went to a lot of restaurant and take a lot of food photos. I use Where am I journal cards to review all of them and put them in one page.

Life in Pocket : May

May is very special month because it’s Dome month! I gave him a 6×8″ album to document his success as birthday present.

Life in Pocket : May

The last page is random thing but worthwhile to keep it.

Life in Pocket : May

Life in Pocket, My Life

Review year 2014 with Project Life

At the end of year, I always review my year to see what happen with me and what I should do better. This year I created Project Life album so I think it would be good if I review my year with Project Life as last page of Project Life.

So I created Best moments Journal Cards to write what’s happen in each month last year. You can check out the “Best Moments Journal cards” here.
Year in review with Best Memories journal card from Catisfy




I changed job this year to smaller but happier company. I still work as User Experience Designer but the client and working style from both company is very different. I need to improve a lot of soft skills and also English skill since we work with foreigners.

However, I stop taking freelance jobs because I want to concentrate on project I want to do.



On 2013, I have “Just Do It” as one of my theme. I created a lot of new projects. Here’s some of them:

  • Project Life. It’s the project that I enjoy the most. Project Life help me record my life in creative way and allow me to stay away from computer.
  • Catisfy is digital files shop. I created printable sets of Journal cards for pocket scrapbooking and Project Life. Now I have only 15 sets but I plan to create more products for next year. You can check out here and sign up for newsletter to get FREE journal cards here.
  • Handmade Biz Blog and Community in Thai. I started writing about selling on Etsy since my friend asked me a lot of question and found that a lot of friends would like to sell on Etsy but never did because they think it’s hard and not much information in Thai. In one year, I helped many sell and set up their shop. I glad I started writing. I’m so happy when I see they happy when they got sell.


Not really good. I can save only 20% of all income because I spend a lot of money on camera, Macbook Pro and also 9 trips around Thailand. It’s so hard to say NO to travel!


I’m getting worse from office syndrome because I haven’t workout much. I guess I sit incorrectly, so when most of works and project required me to spend time in front of computer, I will get back and arm pain. However, I’m working on practicing how to sit correctly.

Self Improvement

I think I keep doing  better. I’m more confident and be myself. I also know better what I like, what I want to do and what kind of person I be. I do a lot of research about myself. I take a lot of personality test. I learnt to responsible for my own life which I just realised it’s so important thing to know that I’m only one who have ownership of my life


I travelled 9 times on 2013 in 8 different places included Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Nakhon Rachasima, Chiangmai, Chiangrai, Koh Kood, Pattaya, Huahin, Koh Payam. I wish I could travel a lot like this every year. However, I think I need to slow down my trips on 2014 to save more money for bigger trip and also my retirement fund.

This is all about my life in 2013. Hope to get better on next year.


Life in Pocket

Lesson Learnt from Project Life

My Project Life album is now only 2 weeks left to finish. I’m so excited to finish my album.  I love looking back through the albums. It’s like I’m in that moment again. It’s reminder of joy, happiness or even a bad time. It’s just awesome!  However, I learned couple of things from a year with Project Life.

  • Be myself. Sometimes when I saw other’s Project Life album, I wish I could make my album like that. But that’s not my life. The stories and photos in this album is my life. I don’t have to be like others, I just need to be me to make my album beautiful as the way I am.
  • Your life is not that boring. When I started my album, I wonder what to include in my album. It’s nothing interesting. But I found that my life is not that boring even in the day I did nothing, I still have something to tell in my album. Actually, I got too many photos and stories to include. I think my life have more fun than the year I haven’t do Project Life.
  • Create my system. About half year after I do Project Life, I realised that life is not all about Project Life. I need to spend less time on Project Life and more time living my life. I create a system that would help me finish my album. I write journal everyday on journal cards, so I could put those cards to Project Life album and don’t have write it again. I also use the same page protector design, so I could print photo in the same size and not spend too much time on preparing photos to print.
  • It could be daily, weekly, monthly or event based. I started Project Life album by follow others’ rule by doing Project Life as weekly spread. I also use title card with number of week which I never understand why. I never remember which week I’m in now. So I will get rid of that in this year. I will make it as monthly basis instead.
  • Set time for Project Life. This is the important one. I usually work on Project Life on Sunday of every 2 weeks. I think it’s help me a lot to finish my Project Life spread. However, life is not always as you planned but that’s OK. Just try to stick to the scheduled time. 
  • Enjoy living life. You will have more stories for your album!

Now it your turn, what did you learn from Project Life?

Life in Pocket

Project Life : July

Hello all, I’m here to share my Project Life layout with you 🙂

Project Life Week 27

Let’s start with week 27, nothing much happens this week but it’s the new month so I reviewed goal on last month. I included photos of all cute stuff I got since there’re not much story to share. However, I completed this week using Valley High Project life Kit from Studio Calico mix with die cut and embellishment from P’Goft.

ProjectLife : June (Week27)


Project Life Week 28

Still have less photos so I included calendar and gift card from Studio Calico since I was new subscriber of Project Life kits. I also added photos of my office and photos from karaoke with my colleague.

ProjectLife : June (Week28)


Project Life week 29

I like layout of this week the most even though there are a lot of mistake. I like the way I use red alphabet stickers from office depot on every cards on this page and use only brown and red paper to make card. And it’s perfectly match!

ProjectLife : June (Week29)


I made a lot of mistake on this week layout. I went to Chiang Mai this week to attend to my friend’s wedding. I separate photos from this trip to another spread and I thought there is a page that have nothing to add. So I decided to add more short review about e-class I just register, journal card I created to sale on Catisfy, and name card I just designed for myself (which accidentally look like my brother’s name card that designed by my father!)

ProjectLife : June (Week29)


Project Life Week 30

Since I make mistake on last week, I have to change layout of some cards from landscape to portrait as you can see on title card. Next to title card, I wrote conversation between me and my boyfriend who trying to spoil me with Hormones Thai series! I added ‘Real life’ badges on that card with wood alphabet set I got from JJ market only 20฿ (about 0.6 usd).  On the last row of page I included my thought after meeting with my former colleague along with photos of us and yummy food.

ProjectLife : June (Week30)


Here’s detail of my week title card.

Project Life week 30


That’s all of my Project Life layout for July. How was your Project Life album?


[blockquote] Project Life is a memory keeping system to document our life created by Becky Higgins. The core product I used in my album are available here. I use photos, text and stuff to document our life weekly. View all my posts about Project Life here.[/blockquote]

Life in Pocket

Project Life : June

I’m going to share Project Life on June to you. This month I got more journal cards than photos. It’s been almost half year I do Project Life, I was creating system that would help me finish Project Life faster. I practice writing journal by keeping journal cards and pen with me all the time so I could include them into my album. No time wasting and forgetting any events when making spread.

Week 23

What happen this week: I was sketching wireframes for this blog but had not use because I found WordPress theme I like. I met my lovely teammate from first company I worked for we had a great moment together. P’Nok gave me a little lovely wallet she bought from Hong Kong. I listened TED a lot in this week. I love Keeping goal to yourself speaking by Derek Siversso much. When you talk about your goal you will trick yourselves into feeling like you’ve done it. It also let negative opinion from other to hold you from doing it.

Technique I use : This week I ran out of card so I wrote on post-it instead and simply included them in album. I included doodled quote I like from TED talk and wireframe I sketch for this website.


Project Life : Week 23


Week 24

What happen this week : Rain is come, a little bit late than usual. We have a partner from Sweden in our office today, they invited us to join a party. We have fun playing bowling and eating Korean food. On weekend, I and Dome went to Silom to eat burger then we went to sport shop where I bought yoga pants.

Technique I use : I change raining photo to black-white since I got low quality photos. I use yellow circle sticker attach on orange card as a pattern of paper.

Project Life : Week 24

Week 25

What happen this week : O got back from England trip in the morning and took his bag to office, so I gave a try to carry 13 kilogram of backpack bags. Almost fall over! Really heavy.

Technique I use : Nothing special, just include more journal card since I have low photos

Project Life : Week 25


Week 26

What happen this week : We went to pet fair this week and saw owls for first time. I like them so much. Ton helped me to install new rom for my android phone, so I don’t have to wait 5 minutes to make a call. Yes!

Technique I use : I mostly use stash I got from P’Golf. Thanks her to give me this Seafoam edition that I want to buy for long time.

Project Life : Week 26


[blockquote] Project Life is a memory keeping system to document our life created by Becky Higgins. The core product I used in my album are available here. I use photos, text and stuff to document our life weekly. View all my posts about Project Life here.[/blockquote]


Life in Pocket

Project Life : May

I did a lot of new things on this month. I’m working on new job which need to use English a lot and I have to understand the main project that I’m working on so it’s kind of pain on that time. Fortunately, I got very good friends who helped me get through it. I got less time to do Project Life so I decide to go with only one page per week.

Week 19

This week is another special week because it’s @Dominixz ‘s week. I gave him a alphabet book which is his name on it. The best thing is he love it! I put photo of it on bottom of page. We didn’t celebrate much on his birthday because he want to give himself time. However, We have a great dinner at Italian Jobs but we have not took much photo of us.

Another thing I’m really happy with is compliment that I got when I doodle a cute cat on Instagram, TalkStephen. It’s so good when someone see your work and they love it!

Project Life : May


Week 20

It have been a month after my birthday I created 27 things to do before 27 list. I have done 7 things on list, I wrote it down on journal card to track them. I got too much photos this week, so I choose only photo I love, photo of sky I took on beautiful day and new dish and cupcake I try.

I wake up around 6-7 am lately. It’s earlier than usual. I can spend more time to read book but I don’t get enough time to sleep. I love and hate it in same time so I wrote about it on journal card too.

Project Life : May


Week 21

Sorry with my tired face. I haven’t run for almost half year. As I mentioned, I woke up early and one day I don’t know what to do so I run in park nearby my house. It’s so fun and so tired.

On middle row of page, I put photo of chair color I bought for me and my dad with little detail in journal card. I also wrote about a dog that run to me and hug me on the same card. The last photo of this row is my favorite donut, the Alien from Big Apple that just got back from renovate

The last row is all about see Iron3 at Blue Ribbon Cinema that located in Paragon mall which is really expensive but I think it worth to try once. When you will get some snack and a drink then they have back and shoulder massage 15 minutes. A women who massaged me is not good but my boyfriend got really good one.

Project Life : May

Week 22

Got chairs! Hooray! I journal a lot this week because I carry journal card with me and I got time to write. I wrote about meeting with colleague from company I worked at Mexican restaurant, we talked about how things goes. I can feel that I made really good decision to leave there. Anyway, it’s good to meet old friends 🙂

I wrote journal card about how Iroamalone girl inspire me and what I think about TED talk I watched about 20 somethings from Meg Jay. I also wrote about I Choose online workshop from Elise Blaha, a creative blogger I really love.

Project Life : May


[blockquote] Project Life is a memory keeping system to document our life created by Becky Higgins. The core product I used in my album are available here. I use photos, text and stuff to document our life weekly. View all my posts about Project Life here.[/blockquote]



Life in Pocket

Project Life : April

This month is one of my favorite month. I turned to 26 this month. I start April spending time with myself by stop using social media for a week. That’s help me get a lot of things done in a week but not taking photos. I don’t have enough photo on this week so I add more journal about how I feel and what I learn from a week without social media.

Project Life : April

Project Life : April

Crated card to show clothes I bought from Platinum mall


 My birthday week

This spread is all about my birthday. I spend most time thinking about myself, how was my 25 and what I would like to do on this 26th year. I created a 26 things to do before 27 list and finished one by creating computer wallpaper that have images I like, quotes to live by and what I want do or have. So I print list and wallpaper to include in project life.

Project Life เดือนเมษายน

Project Life : April

I include gift from @dominixz and wishes from my friends through both Line and Facebook On right side of spread.

Koh Kood trip

I went to Koh Kood, Trat. Koh Kood is place I want to visited since I was studied. It’s really fun trip except when I and @dominixz were food poison. It’s first time I see under water world, not surprise why many people love diving. It’s so calm and peaceful.

Project Life เดือนเมษา

Project Life เดือนเมษา

Project Life : April

I use “Fun in the sun” and “Love it” that Oh My Goods cut for me.


First week of job and shop

This is a week of start. I started a new job after got back from Koh Kood and also open an “Catisfy” shop on Etsy to sell digital and printable files. So I include photo of my work space with some of my works and screenshot of Catisfy.

Project Life เดือนเมษา

Catch up with old friends

We haven’t seen each others like a year. We meet at Korean BBQ restaurant, we enjoy the food and chatting. It’s fun to see how things change.

Project Life เดือนเมษา