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My Word : BUILD

My Word : BUILD

BUILD : February

As I mention, I’m working on One Little Word project by Ali Edwards. My word is BUILD. My intention for this year is to build life I love.

On February, we started by looking back over past month and give a thought on how we connect with the word. I think this process is very important. It helps me improve my process and always connect with the word.

However, I wrote my reflection in Thai because I don’t want language to limit my thought. In the beginning of  January, I didn’t decide which word I’m going to choose so most of the month is all about choosing word. And BUILD touches me the most. On February, I connect more with the BUILD. I found using the word with actions in every areas of my life help me a lot on connecting with the word.

Build : January reflectionsBuild : February reflections

Another task for February is to create actions to make our intention real. Most people created action cards and put them on album but I know that I won’t look at my album a lot. So I printed boxes for each month on paper and glue it to my planner. This way I will see action plan more often. Since I got Influenza A and need time for couple of week to recovery myself, I change my action plan. Here is my new action for each month:

  • January is for BUILD plan
  • February is for BUILD trips. Got 3 trips in a month and already cancelled one when I got sick.
  • March is for BUILD healthy. To get better from unhealthy
  • April is for BUILD workspace I love. Spend long weekend time rearrange my working space
  • May is for BUILD stock of ideas.
  • June is for BUILD reading habit.
  • July is for BUILD writing habit.
  • August is for BUILD my voice.
  • September is for BUILD creativity.
  • October is for BUILD financial plan.
  • November is for BUILD happy business.
  • December is for BUILD gratitude.

Build plan

I also wrote down tasks I plan to do with purple color and e-courses or projects I plan to work on with orange color. I can see the overview my plan to BUILD for this year.

My Word : BUILD

BUILD : January

What is One Little Word

One Little Word is an annual project created by Ali Edwards. You choose a word that represents what you’re want to be, and live with it. Couple years ago I read about having a theme for a year to focus on could help achieve goal better than having new year resolution. It seem like a good idea but I have no idea how to actually make it work. I created and keep my own theme in mind that in year 2012 is year for finding work I love and last years is a year to focus on doing what I love to do. However, I never connect with my theme until I found One Little Word by Ali Edwards by watching Elise Blaha and Amy T Schubert was working on their word Brave. This concept seem to be more realistic and actionable for me.

My word is BUILD.

BUILD come to me last year when I listen to podcast about building your platform by Micheal Hyatt and subscribe to BUILD newsletter by Amy T Schubert. After that I start found more about building platform. Since theme for last year is about doing what I love to do and quit doing what I’m not happy to do, I did a lot of projects included start new shop to sell journaling cards printable files, and start blog about how to sell handmade. I’m so happy to work on these projects and want it to bigger and stronger so I can spend more time on work I love to do. I want to BUILD life I enjoy living in all area of my life.

My BUILD album : January


I use simple stories 6×8 album for my BUILD album. Actually, I haven’t have the album but I do have page protector. I was thinking about combine my One little word with Project Life album but Project Life album is more public and I want to work with my word freely so I separated them.

I start with the word “BUILD” with thesaurus. I put my photo that I like beside the word. The below is definition of BUILD.

My word : BUILD

My word : BUILD

Next page, I created cards with word “BUILD” on top corner for writing about why I choose “BUILD” and my currently card for what I have done. And I put a quote from Steve Jobs about connecting the dots which is related to me.

My word : BUILD

I use “Be happy” journal cards series to write about what I want to do less, what I want to do more, what I fear and what I hope.

My word : BUILD

Last page of January’s task is all about my intention. I want to set my intention to be more as specific as I could so I separate them into 4 areas: business, financial plan, workspace I love, and healthy life.

My word : BUILD

My thoughts on One little word

I feel more connected with my word more than last couple years. However, since I already set my goals for this year and I want to stick with them, I try to connect my word with my goals which make me think inside of box and think too much. I’m going to work this way first, but if it’s not work well I will fix it later, or maybe redo all of this.