My Word : BUILD

BUILD : February

As I mention, I’m working on One Little Word project by Ali Edwards. My word is BUILD. My intention for this year is to build life I love.

On February, we started by looking back over past month and give a thought on how we connect with the word. I think this process is very important. It helps me improve my process and always connect with the word.

However, I wrote my reflection in Thai because I don’t want language to limit my thought. In the beginning of  January, I didn’t decide which word I’m going to choose so most of the month is all about choosing word. And BUILD touches me the most. On February, I connect more with the BUILD. I found using the word with actions in every areas of my life help me a lot on connecting with the word.

Build : January reflectionsBuild : February reflections

Another task for February is to create actions to make our intention real. Most people created action cards and put them on album but I know that I won’t look at my album a lot. So I printed boxes for each month on paper and glue it to my planner. This way I will see action plan more often. Since I got Influenza A and need time for couple of week to recovery myself, I change my action plan. Here is my new action for each month:

  • January is for BUILD plan
  • February is for BUILD trips. Got 3 trips in a month and already cancelled one when I got sick.
  • March is for BUILD healthy. To get better from unhealthy
  • April is for BUILD workspace I love. Spend long weekend time rearrange my working space
  • May is for BUILD stock of ideas.
  • June is for BUILD reading habit.
  • July is for BUILD writing habit.
  • August is for BUILD my voice.
  • September is for BUILD creativity.
  • October is for BUILD financial plan.
  • November is for BUILD happy business.
  • December is for BUILD gratitude.

Build plan

I also wrote down tasks I plan to do with purple color and e-courses or projects I plan to work on with orange color. I can see the overview my plan to BUILD for this year.

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