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Stationery Shops in Bangkok

Lately, a lot of people have asked me about places to buy stationery and craft supplies in Bangkok so here is the list of stationery shop. They are sorted by BTS/MRT station. If you don’t have much time, just go to shop with *.

BTS Siam



Small shop located in Siamsquare soi 10. They have a lot of Midori products and sketchbook or supplies for fashion designer including high quality watercolor like Daniel Smith.

*Be Trend (Siam Paragon)

Location: at 3th floor Siam Paragon (near Kinokuniya book store)

I like this place because it’s easy to go and quite large. I always find art supplies I’m looking for. They have a large notebook section. You can also find paints and art supplies here.

*Loft Siam Discovery


2 Floors load of cute stationery and home decoration mostly from japan. And it’s only place that sell Hobonichi.

Siam Discovery (Top floor)

There is products from Thai artist and designer. Not so much stationery but it’s fun to check out creative products 🙂


BTS Chidlom

B2S Chidlom

Location: 7th floor of Central Chidlom

A lot of notebooks and planners especially Midori! A lot of art supplies here too but it would be a bit different from Be Trend. You will find Liquitex, Abstract here.


BTS Phrom Phong

Another Story

Located: The EmQuartier.

I’ve never been there but I heard that that are a lot of cuties.


BTS Taksin

Pen Lover


As shop name, this is a shop for per lovers! Mostly is from Japan. You can enjoy cake and coffee while shopping pens here.



Sumpeng market

This is the place that Thai crafter go to buy supplies like fabric, beads, yarn in wholesale. Some shops also sell cute stickers and papers in very very cheap price. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you specifically which shop you should go since I can’t located where is it too. Prepare one whole day and comfortable shoes for this place. It’s large and hot. Shops usually open at 9-10am and close at 4-5pm.


Chatuchak market


Similar to Sumpeng market but mostly sell handmade products including handmade papers or fabric from northern of Thailand.



100 Abstract Painting Photobook

I want to keep every artworks from #100daysofpaintingbytuey project in one place so I decided to print out a photo book. I got it print with @photobookww. The photobook is well printed and come with good package. 👍👍 Thank you @abzolutewin for suggestion.



100 Abstract Paintings

On April 1, I started my personal creative challenge to paint an artwork a day for 100 days. I called 100 days of painting by Tuey. And here are all artworks from this project.

100 Abstract Paintings

My intention for this project is to express myself through painting and to see how I feel when I consistently paints everyday. My attempts for daily project in the past is not really successful. I didn’t feel motivated to finish them. For this project, I am inspired to grab my brushes and play with colors everyday. I found myself keep thinking about color, shape, movement. I really enjoy it.

100 Abstract Paintings

This project made me learn lots of things about myself. I learned that I love bright color as I see a lot of bright colors in my artworks. I am quite surprise about that, I thought it would be more of dark and grey. I also see confident brush strokes especially artworks I painted during the time I travelled alone. The more I learned about myself, the more I proud of myself.

Thank you everyone for follow my journal and support me 🙂



Abstract Art Pillow from Society6

Tuey Abstract Art on Society6

Society6 is print-on-demand website where you can find artwork on variety of products such as pillow, mobile case, pouch, leggings, t-shirt. I, as an artist, always want to have my own work printed on products.

Since I am working on 100 days of painting project, I scanned some of artworks from this project and uploaded them to sell and, of course, ordered one for myself. I ordered pillow with cat scratch artwork which is one of my favorite. I am so happy when I saw my painting become something in my everyday life. The quality is quite good. It’s better than I thought. It took about 2 weeks for pillow to arrive.

You can check out the products at and let me know what you think about them. I will keep adding more of my artwork. If you want to order my painting that it’s not on Society6 please let me know. 😉

Tuey Abstract Art on Society6

My Life

29 things I love in my 29

It’s like traditional for me to do on my birthday. It is good to pause for a moment, look back and select things I love in each year before moving forward. I usually write it in Thai but this year I want to share more in English.

  1. It’s last year of being 20s. I’ve seen things change and learn so many things about life. People come and go. Happy and sad. Nothing last forever… People can change. I changed a lot too.
  2. I designer embroidery project for Mamuang DIY. We have fun creating and working with like-mind person.
    29 things I love in my 29
  3. Hiking at Kao Sam Rod Yod. It was the first hiking after graduated. It’s also inspired me to work out more so I can hike more.
    29 things I love in my 29
  4. Spending a night in tent for first time after graduated. I had a bad experience with tent when I was young. I was scared but I did it anyway. It turned out to be a good experience. Maybe because of the good weather and my friend that make it easier for me.
    29 things I love in my 29
  5. Found my voice on painting. I painted a lot but never feel like myself as I am right now. It’s just flow, easy and fun when painting like that.
  6. Taking intuitive painting by Flora Bowley on Creativebug is huge life-changing for me. What she teach is not about how to paint but it’s about how to express myself.
  7. I keep record of happiness daily for 1 years. Apart from feeling happy when thinking about what makes me happy each day, this activity gave me more confident that I can do something everyday for one year.
    29 things I love in my 29
  8. Took Live with intention online class with Jess Lively. This class is about how to “Be” who I want to be.
  9. Learn about intuition and ego. I am more aware of myself and my thoughts
  10. Paint daily for 30 days
    29 things I love in my 29
  11. Better at speaking English
  12. Snorkeling at Koh Chang
  13. Learn how to swim. Thanks to all friends that teach me how to swim.
  14. Met my friends from primary school and being bridesmaid for her. I always feel comfortable with them even we have not met for years.
  15. A lot of parties this year. I rarely went to party when I was young but I went to party almost every month.
  16. A lot of trips too. Kao Sam Roi Yod, Petchaburi, Pracheenburi, Khon Kaen, Chiangmai, Koh Chang, Phuket, Ayutthaya and Hong Kong.
  17. Work out regularly.
  18. I love mango juice in Hong Kong so much!!!
  19. I went to cat cafe in Chiangmai and order boiled chicken for cat. They went crazy trying to get chicken from me. I got wounds from them but I am so happy.
  20. Customer sent me massage said “You are wonderful shop owner and person”
  21. Prawn in Ayutthaya. They are so good.
  22. Got comment on Instagram said “I feel uplifted just looking at your post. Thank you for sharing your authentic self with this community.”
  23. Make scarf from my painting and it turned out good.
    29 things I love in my 29
  24. Got book shelf. Make my life easier and organized.
  25. Finished one sketchbook
  26. I feel that there are many days in Bangkok that have good weather. It was cool in morning sometimes.
    29 things I love in my 29
  27. Rafting in Pracheenburi. First time in my life. It was fun.
  28. Learn about Residency artist programs. I was thinking about study fine art or art therapy abroad but I feel like it’s not for me now. Then I learn about this program that allow artist to stay and work on their project. Some places also have scholarship for this program too. It open my eyes and show me that there are many other ways.
  29. One important concept I learn this year is that I am responsible for my own feeling. Others are responsible for their feeling. When we are sad or happy by someone action, it’s about how we see ourselves. It’s not about others. It’s about me. I heard about this concept for long time but never understand. However, it’s not that easy to take action. I learn that if I maintain my mood to always be in joyful level, it will be harder for things to make me feel bad. I have to be aware of myself. Whenever thoughts show up, I have to said “ok. I see it. Thank you.” and then let that thoughts go. If I hold that thought, it will be bigger and bigger. The same thought will show up more. I am practicing this process and I feel more peaceful.
My Life

September celebrations, October intentions


September Celebration

  1. Enjoy Phuket trips without social media. Okay, it’s not entirely without social media. I count it anyway!
  2. Take Create Your Dream Career online course with Michelle WardI took live class while I was in Phuket but still need to retake again because it’s 3AM and I need to sleep.
  3. Retake Summer Sketch course by  Alisa Burke 
  4. Read “Remote” book. Very good and inspiring book.
  5. Finish Life in pocket for July

October Intention

  1. Write journal everyday
  2. Finish “Live Off Your Passion” e-course. Now I’m in module 3 from 10. I’m not even sure I could finish it because most activities need a lot of thinking and quiet time to think.
  3. Read “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” book
  4. Do more craft.



Project 2 of #100DIYprojects : Magnetic bookmark

#100DIYProjects is my challenge to create something for 100 projects in a year. You can follow my progress here on the blog or on Instagram #100DIYprojects.

As I mentioned on Craftspace Weekend post last week that I’m going to challenge myself to do 100 DIY projects in a year. The key cover I post last week is the 1st project I have done. For the 2nd project, I try not to pressure myself too much. I think, in order to finish this challenge on time, I need to let go perfection and do more work.

The magnetic bookmark come with Zequenz notebook. It’s full of text and not pretty at all. The easiest and cheapest is decorate the magnetic with Washi tape.

Project 2 of #100DIYprojects : Magnetic bookmark


I mask it with white masking tape first so texts and black color from bookmark will not show up after I use Washi tape. Then decorate it with Washi tape and trim the bookmark.

Project 2 of #100DIYprojects : Magnetic bookmark


After finished this bookmark, I got a lot of ideas to play more with this bookmark. I will share you more when I’ve done it.

I now feel more confident about this challenge when I finish 2 projects of this challenge. Although it’s only 2 steps I’ve done, it give me big picture of what I can do it. I’m thrilled to reach this goal and play along with this journey.


My Life

Craftspace Weekend : Week 40

Craftspace Weekend : Week40


This week I didn’t make any craft or draw anything on my weekend but I have done a lot of tasks related to my blog. My intention for this month is to choose myself. I spent most time reading and working on Live off your passion ecourse by Scott Dinsmore. I’m now at module 2 from 10 modules and there are a lot of a-ha moment about myself. I learn WHY I love making craft especially notebook. I learn about my values and skills I do best.  It was a good and quiet weekend with myself.

So how was your weekend?


Organize String, Twine, and Cord with Washi tape & fabric

Organize string, twine and cord with DIY cord keeper  |

I got a box full of tangled twine and ribbon. I have thought of ways to organize it for awhile but have no idea how to do it. Then I found this silicone cord keeper and I think I can made my own version of this with steel wire!

What do you need?

  • Washi tape or fabric
  • steel wire
  • E6000 glue if you use fabric

Organize string, twine and cord with DIY cord keeper  |

Let’s do it!

I will start with Washi tape. Cut the wire about 15 cm. The length of wire can be adjusted. Then attach Washi tape to wire left both end space about 2 cm. to secure the wire.

Organize string, twine and cord with DIY cord keeper  |

Attach another side of wire with Washi tape.

Organize string, twine and cord with DIY cord keeper  |

Cut the end of Washi tape in V shape.

Organize string, twine and cord with DIY cord keeper  |

You will get a Washi tape strip with wire inside that will help you keep twine and string organized.

Organize string, twine and cord with DIY cord keeper  |

You can also use fabric to make this. Start with cutting fabric to size you want. I use what I already have which is fabric I got when I made my Tueydori notebooks.

Next, glue fabric together with steel wire inside 2 pieces of fabric by using E6000 glue. Since my fabric is very long, I fold it and glue them together. Wait for 15 minutes to dry.

Organize string, twine and cord with DIY cord keeper  |

Organize string, twine and cord with DIY cord keeper  |

Organize string, twine and cord with DIY cord keeper  |


My Life

Craftspace Weekend : Week 39

In case you’re new here, Craftspace Weekend is a blog series I share what I have made on my weekend or how is my creative space. Since I usually work on my creative project on my weekend so I call it “Craftspace Weekend”. I have started Craftspace Weekend since april but I have not updated on English blog much. You can check out the past Craftspace Weekend in Thai here.

This week I was frustrated by my key that made scratches all over stuff in my purse especially my glasses. So I decided to sew a key cover from fabric I have left. It took only 15 minutes to make which is a bit surprise me because I was trying to make once but never finished it. I think creating drawing habit teach me to let go of perfection help me focus more on getting it done.

Craftspace Weekend : Week 39

Craftspace Weekend : Week 39

I love and inspired by goal setting. I set a daily goal, weekly goal, yearly goal and whatever goal I could think of. However, I didn’t achieve every goal especially a big goal. Last couple years, I read books and blogs about goal settings. And I found that goal that I set should be a goal that truly important to me. Many times I set goal that I think it’s good because someone say so but it’s not what I actually care about.

Last week I watched Chris Guillebeau’s interview about his book “The Happiness of pursuit” story of quest and this interview inspire me to set a big goal again. This time will be a goal that I totally care about. As I always blog and reading about DIY and craft so I think my big goal should be somethings related to this. I kept that thought with me for a week to test if I still excited about it.

Then I saw Sabine’s post about her #365craftingtime challenge to create something every day for a year. I love this idea so much but I know from my experience creating habit of creating or drawing something everyday is very pressure for me especially when I spend 9 hours for my day job, 2 hours in traffic and also keeping habit of sketching a day. So I decide to make 100 DIY projects in a year. That means I don’t have to do one project in a day and I would focus more on 100 projects which I think it’s less pressure for me.

I will document them on my blog and my instagram with #100DIYprojects.

And yes, this key cover is counted as first DIY projects.