About Me


About Me

‘Tueymeaw’ means?

Tueymeaw is mixed of 2 word, ‘Tuey‘ and ‘Meaw‘. Tuey is my real nickname which is name of tree, pandanus. Meaw is sound of cat. My friends start call me ‘Tueymeaw’ because they think my face look like cat and I love cat. The fun part is when I moved to Bangkok, my friends in new school who never know about this name also call me with Tueymeaw!

Anyway, I love this name 🙂

About me

I was born in Chiang Mai and moved to Bangkok, Thailand since I was in high school. That’s one of best decision my father made for me. In Bangkok, I learn a lot about myself. I know that I love beautiful stuff and want to be a part of creation especially in papers, so I work hard to get into an art school where I can learn all about design covers prints, animation, packaging, illustration, and website.

My life as web designer begins when I joined Young Webmaster Camp (YWC), workshop that provided experience and inspiration in creating website. I gained a lot of knowledge and friends from this workshop. So after I graduated in Visual Communication Design from Silpakorn university, I took a job as web designer in small company where I expended my design skill. Then I got another job which work on widely field like marketing, copywriter and e-commerce.

After a year, I got opportunity to develop user interface for mobile application in large telecom company. I learn one more thing about myself, I like working in small company that I know everyone in company more than large company. So I decided to move on to my current job as UX designer in small company again.

Although I work as design but I still love to create things. I still make jewelry from air-dry clay and do decoupage. I’m addict to scrapbook and project life.

What I write about?

I write about all things I love! I will share you my work both design and craft. I will share place I go, trip I love too.

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