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29 things I love in my 29

It’s like traditional for me to do on my birthday. It is good to pause for a moment, look back and select things I love in each year before moving forward. I usually write it in Thai but this year I want to share more in English.

  1. It’s last year of being 20s. I’ve seen things change and learn so many things about life. People come and go. Happy and sad. Nothing last forever… People can change. I changed a lot too.
  2. I designer embroidery project for Mamuang DIY. We have fun creating and working with like-mind person.
    29 things I love in my 29
  3. Hiking at Kao Sam Rod Yod. It was the first hiking after graduated. It’s also inspired me to work out more so I can hike more.
    29 things I love in my 29
  4. Spending a night in tent for first time after graduated. I had a bad experience with tent when I was young. I was scared but I did it anyway. It turned out to be a good experience. Maybe because of the good weather and my friend that make it easier for me.
    29 things I love in my 29
  5. Found my voice on painting. I painted a lot but never feel like myself as I am right now. It’s just flow, easy and fun when painting like that.
  6. Taking intuitive painting by Flora Bowley on Creativebug is huge life-changing for me. What she teach is not about how to paint but it’s about how to express myself.
  7. I keep record of happiness daily for 1 years. Apart from feeling happy when thinking about what makes me happy each day, this activity gave me more confident that I can do something everyday for one year.
    29 things I love in my 29
  8. Took Live with intention online class with Jess Lively. This class is about how to “Be” who I want to be.
  9. Learn about intuition and ego. I am more aware of myself and my thoughts
  10. Paint daily for 30 days
    29 things I love in my 29
  11. Better at speaking English
  12. Snorkeling at Koh Chang
  13. Learn how to swim. Thanks to all friends that teach me how to swim.
  14. Met my friends from primary school and being bridesmaid for her. I always feel comfortable with them even we have not met for years.
  15. A lot of parties this year. I rarely went to party when I was young but I went to party almost every month.
  16. A lot of trips too. Kao Sam Roi Yod, Petchaburi, Pracheenburi, Khon Kaen, Chiangmai, Koh Chang, Phuket, Ayutthaya and Hong Kong.
  17. Work out regularly.
  18. I love mango juice in Hong Kong so much!!!
  19. I went to cat cafe in Chiangmai and order boiled chicken for cat. They went crazy trying to get chicken from me. I got wounds from them but I am so happy.
  20. Customer sent me massage said “You are wonderful shop owner and person”
  21. Prawn in Ayutthaya. They are so good.
  22. Got comment on Instagram said “I feel uplifted just looking at your post. Thank you for sharing your authentic self with this community.”
  23. Make scarf from my painting and it turned out good.
    29 things I love in my 29
  24. Got book shelf. Make my life easier and organized.
  25. Finished one sketchbook
  26. I feel that there are many days in Bangkok that have good weather. It was cool in morning sometimes.
    29 things I love in my 29
  27. Rafting in Pracheenburi. First time in my life. It was fun.
  28. Learn about Residency artist programs. I was thinking about study fine art or art therapy abroad but I feel like it’s not for me now. Then I learn about this program that allow artist to stay and work on their project. Some places also have scholarship for this program too. It open my eyes and show me that there are many other ways.
  29. One important concept I learn this year is that I am responsible for my own feeling. Others are responsible for their feeling. When we are sad or happy by someone action, it’s about how we see ourselves. It’s not about others. It’s about me. I heard about this concept for long time but never understand. However, it’s not that easy to take action. I learn that if I maintain my mood to always be in joyful level, it will be harder for things to make me feel bad. I have to be aware of myself. Whenever thoughts show up, I have to said “ok. I see it. Thank you.” and then let that thoughts go. If I hold that thought, it will be bigger and bigger. The same thought will show up more. I am practicing this process and I feel more peaceful.
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