100 Abstract Paintings

On April 1, I started my personal creative challenge to paint an artwork a day for 100 days. I called 100 days of painting by Tuey. And here are all artworks from this project.

100 Abstract Paintings

My intention for this project is to express myself through painting and to see how I feel when I consistently paints everyday. My attempts for daily project in the past is not really successful. I didn’t feel motivated to finish them. For this project, I am inspired to grab my brushes and play with colors everyday. I found myself keep thinking about color, shape, movement. I really enjoy it.

100 Abstract Paintings

This project made me learn lots of things about myself. I learned that I love bright color as I see a lot of bright colors in my artworks. I am quite surprise about that, I thought it would be more of dark and grey. I also see confident brush strokes especially artworks I painted during the time I travelled alone. The more I learned about myself, the more I proud of myself.

Thank you everyone for follow my journal and support me 🙂


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